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Unexpected Roommates // @ Marluxiaanthomanic

Opening the final box, the blonde sighed, tilting his head backward. Blue eyes focused on the white ceiling above his head, thin lips formed a line. He still wasn’t sure on how he felt about this living arrangement, but he supposed there was nothing he could say about it, really. And, living with a man he semi-knew wasn’t too horrible. At least Marluxia wasn’t too much trouble to be around, though, he in all honesty couldn’t imagine what could possibly be going through the older mans mind. Was he alright with sharing an apartment like this? It was..big enough, he supposed, but still. Marluxia was the type to like his privacy, wasn’t he?

Pushing all thoughts from his mind, the blonde pushed himself from the sitting position on the ground and turning over the flaps of the box.  His books. Sliding his hands down to the sides of the cardboard box, his fingers dipped under the slightly heavy object before lifting it, toting the box to where he had set up his wooden bookshelf. It took roughly fifteen minutes for the male to situate through his books and arrange them how he liked, before finally reaching the bottom of the now empty box. Pushing it aside, the male moved to the blue and white box sitting on the spare bed that had already been in the room.

A soft smile graced his features as he lowered the box to its side, opening the top and reaching in. Carefully, he pulled out his sleek black playstation, looking it over before reaching back in and grabbing the cords. There wasn’t a television in the room maybe Marluxia wouldn’t mind him setting it up in the living room? He’d have to ask him when he returned. When was that actually?

Freeing a hand, he slid it into his pocket, pulling the device out, watching the screen light up and the time to be displayed. Had Marluxia given him a time? No, he supposed he didn’t  So, shrugging the teen returned the device to his pocket and seized his gaming system, holding it and its cords protectively against his chest. And he exited his room, deciding to just go on ahead and hook it up in the living room. What harm could it do anyway?

So, here he was, on his knees with his treasured system and cords placed out neatly beside him. Taking the system and the power cord, he hook it into the back, slid his playstation into a cubby hole in the entertainment system and connected the other end into the power outlet. The red light came on and he smiled before finishing the hook-ups and connecting the controller to the system before placing it gently on top. There, that was that.